Publix Wedding Floral Collections

Did you know that Publix offered wedding floral? Not many people did. This campaign features ten beautiful floral collections that range from classic white roses and greenery to bright, colorful pinks, and rich, velvety burgundy ideal for a winter wedding.

Wedding floral landing page and full floral collections pages

There was a need to show customers all of the floral collection options on the wedding floral landing page, information on how to order, package details, and FAQs. Each floral collection pod linked to a full floral collection web page where each item available could be viewed. Customers could also easily navigate to the other floral collections pages and contact a Catering consultant to learn more and place an order.

Wedding flowers
Wedding flowers

Wedding floral print tactics

One-page downloadable pdfs are available on the wedding floral landing page and are also included inside the boxes when a customer receives their wedding floral so that they know how to care for the flowers and assemble any DIY kits. A QR code directs customers to videos where they can watch full tutorials on how to assemble their flowers. Each package contains a thank you card and each floral item has a floral tag attached to make unpacking easy for the customer.

Flower assembly
Flower care

Wedding floral Catering consultant brochure

There was a need to create a downloadable and printable floral catalog for the Catering consultants and floral associates. This 29-page brochure is helpful guide to train the associates and inform the customers of the floral collections and packages available.

Wedding floral tutorial videos

Three tutorial videos were created to show customers how to care for and assemble their wedding flowers: Unboxing your wedding flowers, DIY Garland Tutorial, and DIY Flower Arch Tutorial. The videos were designed to be watched with sound off and my goal was to make them easy to follow, as if the customer was watching them on the day of the event.

Floral tutorials