Publix GIPHY Illustrations

The goal of this campaign was not to sell products, but to simply have fun and engage with customers on social media platforms. With over 6 billion views, this engagement campaign did exactly what it set out to do. Several individual GIFs and stickers garnered millions of views and counting. These fun little moments became replies, messages, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, and so much more. New animations are created quarterly to keep things fresh.

6 billion views!

I’m proud of this view to upload ratio, it’s pretty impressive for a regional grocery store. To put things in perspective, some well known national competitors have 3.1 billion views with over 700 uploads.


Top performing GIFs and stickers

These are some of the top performing GIFs and stickers as well as some of the newest illustrations. Several are in the top 20 of the highest performing GIFs on the account. A few have even been featured on the trending page of the GIPHY site.

GIF illustrations

Animated GIFs and stickers