Publix Bakery Wedding Cake Redesign

The goal of this campaign was to make the experience of shopping for a wedding cake easier to, in turn, encourage customers to place their order with Publix.

Bakery wedding & special occasions cakes landing page and wedding cakes product catalog

All Publix wedding cake designs were reimagined and/or replaced with new designs. The wedding cake landing page content, customer journey, and creative was updated. A new product catalog was also created for all wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes, bridal shower and engagement cakes.

Wedding cakes
Wedding banner
Wedding cakes
Wedding cakes

Email content blocks

Quarterly email content blocks, with different cakes from the collection, relevant to the season to inspire customers to explore the new wedding cakes available at their local Publix or

Bakery wedding cake magazine

Our wedding cakes will take center stage in a beautiful magazine-style brochure. This brochure will include beautiful tablescapes, helpful information, and cakes featured by theme. From garden to rustic to modern, there is something for every wedding style.

Cake brochure